Definitions of Home

On Saturday I left this wee boat. It was my refuge for four weeks post leg break and operation to pin back together. It was a lifeline in many ways. I would not have coped with being a guest in someone’s house for any length of time. It would have made me feel more ill and dependent than I was or wanted to be. So, I was able to be me, in my space, with my dog. But I could not have done this without a support network. The boaters of Auchinstarry were brilliant. Notably, Davie and his dog Brodie. Davie walked Luna twice a day if not more. He made sure I had water (no running water at this time of year), milk, my paper, and took me to and from hospital when I needed it. Kirsty and Billy delivered a bag of essentials, lit my stove and walked the dog. Others brought me fuel and chat. Also, all the pals who visited – some from a distance – to cheer me up, walk the dog, bring groceries, take me shopping. Being single, and with limited family around me, I valued and still value all of this support.

It made it possible to be at ‘home’ and kept me afloat emotionally at a time when I felt vulnerable and a little alone.

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  1. Excellent and well said Ellie, living a single life at times is great, I mostly enjoy it, but there are those times when that soul mate would be all the more special to enjoy the good stuff but also to get each other through the tougher times 😊

    • Hi Chris, not so sure I believe in the concept of a soulmate. But someone to make me a cup of tea now and then and put up with my chat would be nice. Even better if they were able to do some fencing 🙂

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