Gear changes

Having been given the go ahead to try driving……. well, I did! At first it was a few hurls around Auchinstarry at quiet times. Getting into gear, reversing, changing gear, and the all important emergency stop. With the latter I either need someone with me to prompt it, or have a duck waddle out in front of me, to provide an authentic opportunity. And then I found out I could not do my laundry here as no staff on duty to give me the tokens I need (Scottish Canals staffing rotas a complete mystery…). So, I found myself on public roads heading towards Twechar with my dirty sheets. 3 miles there and 3 miles back felt like such a major expedition. That and walking the dog briefly on the recreation ground, then taking myself to LIDL for groceries. I had never treasured my independence before, but I do now. Being dependent on friends and family has been tough for me but I am so grateful (more than I can express) for the kindness of time and care.

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