ukeleleI started playing the ukulele about four years ago. I just wanted something to accompany my singing and am now totally hooked.  It’s also increasingly something I do professionally and I now tutor ukulele for City of Edinburgh Council in primary schools all across Edinburgh.

Why learn ukulele?

It’s a great wee social instrument, quite easy to pick up and get a tune out of and you can sing most styles of songs with it. Or you can just strum along with the radio or other people.

If you want to give it a try, I can offer one to one lessons or help you learn in a group setting through a Uke’n’Sing group. I usually take a few spare uke’s along to the group if you just want to give it a try. By the end of the first class you will be able to play along with at least one song, if not more. That’s a promise!

One to One Ukulele Lessons

One to one lessons let you explore the isntrument in a relaxed setting and get to grips with the basics before playing with other people. When I have been asked to provide lessons it is usually just to help people get the confidence in their playing so that they can then play in a group. It is more fun playing in a group and you do learn more. But a one to one lesson is a great stepping stone. I can either come to your house for £25 an hour or you can come to me for £20 an hour.

Uke’n’Sing at Ye Olde Inn, Davidsons Mains

Mondays from 7-8pm
Cost £3
Come and learn to play ukulele( and perhaps sing along too) in a fun session with other people. We play in the conservatory and in doing so entertain whomever is in having a meal. We have even got a couple of gig offers from doing this!

Ye Olde Inn Ukuleles

All levels welcome and we have a range attending the group.  Beginners and post beginners very welcome. Beginners come early at 6.20pm where we practice some of the songs or chords *slowly* (beginners charge is £5 to cover extra tuition).

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