ellie logan sings at dalmahoyI love to sing. I feel more alive when I sing and I know it makes me happier and healthier. So, I now do lots of things to help other people sing which you can find out about here.

“the only thing better than singing is more singing” Ella Fitzgerald

Anyone can sing. Many people come along to my choirs and groups saying “I was told at school that I could not sing”. I say to them “Can you breathe? Can you speak? – well, then you can sing!”. Why make it more complicated than this?

ellie clappingI have for many years been running small singing groups which are less formal than a choir and where the singing is combined with chat and support. Sometimes these groups are run to help people recover from illness or cope with a long term condition. There is now doubt about it, singing and music are great healers.

There is also something quite special about singing with other human beings. Whilst I enjoy (and do a lot of) singing on my own nothing beats being in a room full of folk and singing our hearts out. We build connections and community when we sing together. We can also make a bigger and better sound. Or do something different and exciting.

I also help people learn music in other ways and now tutor not only singing, but ukulele and piano. With ukulele I encourage people to play in groups but can also do one to one lessons. I run one main ukulele group at the moment for adults but am open to ideas for new groups. With the piano – local demand has meant that I now give lessons and I really enjoy it.

Have a read of the website to see what else I do and do get in touch if you want to know more.