Sing for Fun

Sing for Fun groups do what ‘it says on the tin’! We sing and laugh and have fun.

It is less formal than a choir. There is no music and we all choose the songs we are going to sing – although I do have a few up my sleeve to get us going!

The groups range from 10 to 30 people. We start by singing in unison but then soon get to experimenting with harmonies. Some people like to harmonise and some like to sing the tune. Which is great as we need all parts to make it happen.

If you want a Sing for Fun group in your community get in touch. Or come along to the Cramond group or the Wednesday Group run by the Edinburgh Branch of Parkinsons UK.

“If you ever want to enjoy singing, Ellie is the person for you. Her personality is so infectious, you cannot fail to come out of a session with her, with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.” Morag