Approach to Tuition

happy-boy-1535860_640I offer tuition in a range of instruments and this is available to all ages. I work with primary aged children right through to some “more mature” adults.  I have a PVG certificate through Disclosure Scotland had receive regular child protection training from City of Edinburgh Council. I have tutored voice, recorder and sometimes even brass with primary aged children through the Council.

My approach is to encourage and enable people to enjoy playing or singing music. I do not currently take people through ABRSM examinations as prefer to encourage enjoyment and confidence in the first instance and this can then lead on to more formal learning and qualifications. If you start learning with me and wish to progress I can either take you through this or find you another tutor who can help you.

Here’s a little more on what I can offer.


Lots of people think they cannot sing or do not sing very well. In reality singing is easier than speaking – we just need to remember that we sang before we talked. I have helped experienced and novice singers explore their voice, and through this become more confident with and connected to their voices. I am a member of the Natural Voice Practitioners Network and through them and Scotland Sings regularly undertake learning around the voice and what it can achieve and importantly how to protect the voice. Contact me if you wish to have a chat about a one to one voice session. Sessions usually cost around £20 an hour and take place in my own home.

Beginners Piano

Due to demand in my community I have started to give beginners piano tuition. Using recognised piano tutorial books and exercises I am able to help you play simple songs with both hands – in no time at all. All you need to do is practice (and attend the lessons!). Contact me if you wish to have a chat about a one to one voice session. Sessions usually cost around £15 for a 40 minute session. It sounds obvious but you would need to have a piano or keyboard to practice on.


It’s a great wee social instrument, quite easy to pick up and get a tune out of and you can sing most styles of songs with it. Or you can just strum along with the radio or other people.

If you want to give it a try, I can offer one to one lessons. I have a spare ‘uke’ if you just want to give it a try. By the end of the first class you will be able to play along with at least one song, if not more. That’s a promise!

Contact me if you wish to have a chat about a lession which usually cost around £15.