SeaSang is a new singing collective formed to give community choir members the chance to sing more challenging music and also take part in singing in different settings such as theatre productions and multi arts events. The repertoire is influenced  traditional music and song – from all era’s and encompassing all traditions but we are also interested in contemporary compositions for the voice.

SeaSang is  working on new material and sing together around once a month. We are always welcoming of new singers to join us and have a particular need of sopranos. If you are interested in trying out with us please get in touch <link to contact page>

We formed in 2014 to take part in ‘Follow the Herring’. This was touring a play called get up and Tie Your Fingers written by Ann Coburn which told the story of the Eyemouth Disaster from the perspective of the women left behind. The play is powerful and uplifting despite the core storyline being very sad. The choral score to it was written by Karen Wimhurst. It us hauntingly beautiful although challenging in places. However, it was great fun as we got to be fully part of the theatre production.  Here we are performing one of the songs.
singing and walking

Since we were sorry that the Follow the Herring Project did not reach Eyemouth,  in 2016 we worked with the community in Eyemouth to put on a new production called Get up and Tie Your Fingers Eyemouth – click here to find out more.